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Foot and Ankle Specialist
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  1. Two chapters on, ‘Principles of Fracture Classification & Management’ and ‘Compartment syndrome’ in the book Hospital Surgery : Foundation in Surgical Practice’ By Cambridge University Press, published in 2009
  2. “Intra-articular corticosteroid injection in foot and ankle: a prospective 1 year follow up investigation” Ward S T, Williams P, Purkayastha S, Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery March 2008
  3. “Fatigue failure of the femoral component of a cement less total hip replacement.”  Morgan C, Purkayastha S, Tavakolizadeh A, Journal of Arthroplasty, July 2004.
  4. “Patients with implants should be given implant cards for reference” Purkayastha S, BMJ, 315:1377, November 1997.
  5. “Influence of Protein Deficiency on Homograft Rejection and Histocompatibility Antigens in Rats” Purkayastha S,  Kapoor BML,  Deo MG,  Ind. J. Med. Res.63, 8 1975. 1150 ~ 1154.

Papers & Thesis

  1. “The Mennen Plate ~ A Unique Identification For Internal Fixation” Monogram written for CMW Laboratories; Lam SJS, Purkayastha S.
  2. “A Type of Forefoot Arthroplasty and its Evaluation” A thesis I wrote while doing a Course at RNOH and the thesis was accepted for the Degree of MSc. (Orth.) in 1986.
  3. “Effects of Protein Deficiency of Skin Transplantation in Rats ~ An Experimental Study.” This is a thesis, which I wrote and was accepted for the degree in M.S. (General Surgery) in 1973


  1. “Tendoscopy: Operative Method and Results” ~ Presented at the RCS Edinburgh, June 2005. Morar Y, Agarwal A, Purkayastha S
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